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Treating you good from head to toe, this ultra-moisturizing formula is designed to restore skin with healing shea butter, sweet alomond and jojoba oils. for best results, massage a pea sized amount into palms and apply to clean, damp skin.

Price: $20.00


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“DUAFE HAIR & BODY PRODUCT COLLECTION is a display of true “Ah ha” moments. Clients would come into the salon with various concerns or needing clarity with the ingredients that are used in certain products. It was then I realized that you shouldn’t need a chemistry degree to know what you are putting on your body and hair. Also, culturally we have a new consumer, someone who is not interested in using what their mothers and grandmothers used (heavy oils and waxes).

I listened. I researched. I was blessed to find a solution that I could share with my clients.
It was important to me that I kept the products as holistic as possible. I wanted to make sure that all formulas worked in harmony to enhance and heal the hair. I’m a true believer that what’s good for the hair is good for the skin. For the past 9 years people have responded favorably to the efforts of keeping it simple. By making products that are multi use and chemical free, this product line is great for the entire family – young and old.

Syreeta Scott